We love how our beer brings people together, but can’t deny the fact that living and working in Hawaii is a very special thing. It is our kuleana (responsibility) to respect the environment and appreciate those who also make sustainability a focus. We support those who help our communities during trying times. We’ve even brewed beers that helped to support local fundraisers. This is a place for all of that. It’s about the people, places and groups who make Hawaii what it is. It’s a place to showcase our friends and how Kona Brewing Hawaii connects with our communities here. And, yep, sometimes it’s about beer too.

February 2019

Celebrating 25 Years of Liquid Aloha

In February of 2019, we celebrated our 25th anniversary milestone with a year-long celebration to share the spirit of Aloha with our fans, staff and friends. We brewed a special Hibiscus Brut IPA which we still serve on draft in our pubs today.

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July 2018

The Farm-to-Beer Philosophy Behind Kona’s Pipeline Porter

“You would think with the constant 82 degrees and humidity that people would gravitate to lighter beers,” says Kona brewmaster Billy Smith, who previously oversaw production at Craft Beer Alliances Redhook facilities in Portland, Oregon. He carries himself with no-nonsense professionalism, chased by a brewing-in-paradise calmness. “But there are a fair amount of beer enthusiasts here in Hawaii that love their darker beers and this one fills that need quite well.”

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July 2018

Now Available in Hawaii: 18-Packs of Longboard Island Lager and Big Wave Golden Ale!

Kona Brewing Co. is excited to announce the release of 18-pack cans of Longboard Island Lager and Big Wave Golden Ale in Hawaii!

“With summer on the horizon, we know that Kona fans across Hawaii are gearing up for fun in the sun with family and friends,” said Kona Brewing Company Head Brewer, Billy Smith. “Cans are perfect for any summer adventure, and the new 18-packs allow the freedom to grab more of your favorite Kona brews for a day at the beach, weekend barbecues, or relaxing with your friends after a day of surfing.”

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April 2018

Kona’s New Brewery Ramps Up Conservation Efforts Even Further

For Kona Brewing Company in Kona, Hawaii, the term “green beer” has nothing to do with frothy, artificially-dyed St. Patrick’s Day swill. The 25-year-old craft outpost -- beloved nationwide for its crisp, easy-drinking Longboard Island Lager and equal parts floral and crushable Big Wave Golden Ale -- has maintained a deep commitment to progressive environmentalism since day one, and for good reason. It’s tough to ignore Mother Nature in a state so prized for its breathtaking, remote, and sometimes unpredictable natural landscape, where living in harmony with the earth is essential to the “way of aloha.” (excerpt from article by Meredith Heil, Thrillist)

Check out the full article -- How Craft Breweries Are Saving The Planet, One Pint at A Time from Thrillist here.

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